“Good” Inspection Report for Burton Bradstock

Burton Bradstock School are celebrating a highly complimentary Church of England Inspection report which has rated the school as good.

The report particularly singles out the leadership of the school and describes the Headteacher, Claire Staple, as “a passionate leader who shows elements of outstanding church school leadership”. It quotes one member of staff as saying that “she embodies all you would want a head of a church school to be”. The report comments on Mrs Staple’s “strong sense of love and compassion for the children, staff and all members of the school community” and says she has a clear vision “of valuing each child as a child of God who is a unique individual and deserves to flourish”.

As a result of strong leadership from the Head and the Governing Body the report highlights how the Christian ethos of the school has led to:

· high overall academic achievement of the children as in 2016 the school had 87% of children reaching expected standard in Reading, 93% in Mathematics and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and 73% in Writing. These results were well above the national average.

· behaviour in the school which is at least good.

· relationships that are a strength of the school with many describing the school as being a “family”.

· a high profile being given to ensuring that all members of the school community are valued as individuals made in the image of God and well cared for in line with the school’s values.

· supportive parents who were “unequivocal” in their praise of the school and its staff.

· close links with the local church and community.

Overall the school is praised for the clearly identified Christian values which underpin the work of the school and the value members of the school community show for collective worship.

Chair of Governors Pat Lewis-Badgett said “we are delighted that this inspection report recognises the work of all the children and staff in the school as well as the support the school receives from parents, the Governors and the local community. The praise here is well deserved”.

To improve further the report suggests the school crystallises their values and sets up a more formal system for monitoring and evaluating collective worship. It also suggests that learners could increase their understanding of the Trinity and the purpose and value of prayer but the Inspection report is also clear that the “passionate leadership of the Headteacher provides good capacity to drive improvement and become outstanding”.