Richard Wales

Richard has had a career in Financial Services for the past 30 years. As an independent financial adviser he has specialised in the corporate market, creating innovative employer benefit strategies to attract and retain top quality individuals for different companies. His strengths are in design, build and implementation of corporate strategies, working closely with HR and finance directors. He has a keen interest in managing risk in relation to defined budget requirements which is a consistently evolving process. In addition he is a firm believer in the “CAN I Method” (Constant and never ending improvement.) Richard is passionate about his profession and continues to work on the approach of right first time. He looks forward to developing the requirements of the Minerva Learning Trust and using his skills with them as a member.


Peter Tompkins - Diocesan Appointment

Peter was CEO and President of a global company, a worldwide leader in the Control and Automation sector, and an executive team member of a FTSE 100 Corporation. He also served as a Director of the Trustee board of one of the UK’s Top 10 pension schemes. In his CEO role, he was responsible for the operations of over forty entities in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region. He traveled extensively to visit customers, suppliers, financial services, and group companies.
Since retiring from his full-time role, he has worked as a consultant to Private Equity companies, served as Vice Chairman of a major museum, chaired a Rights-of-Way group, and purchased a local farm. Peter and Pauline have two children, a daughter, who is a research chemist, and a son, who is a process engineer. They have two grandchildren, who attend a secondary school.

Reverend Deb Smith

The Reverend Deb Smith was ordained in 2003.  In the time since she has had a varied experience of ministry including helping to set up an ecumenical team running school retreat days for youngsters. Serving as a school governor for two years as a curate she then served for ten years as a governor at another primary school, and for eleven years at a Secondary School.  She has also served as Mayor’s chaplain.

Deb is a keen supporter of Christian Aid both as a door to door collector and in getting involved in projects and helping to raise awareness of their priorities and work. She is also interested in politics and feels the church should speak out on matters of social justice and be on the side of the poor.

Deb believes that parish ministry is rooted in building a community – within our churches and between them too but, most importantly,  in building relationships in the wider community in which we are set and seek to serve.

Deb enjoys walking, pub quizzes, films, theatre and live music.

Whilst still new to Bridport, she is passionate about working with others here to build up the community and to look at how we can use what we have to build up our common life