Minerva’s Got Talent

The local schools in the Minerva Learning Trust – Bridport Primary School, Burton Bradstock School, St Mary’s School and the Sir John Colfox Academy – came together on 15th March to enjoy and evening showcasing the remarkable level of talent in their schools.

David Powell, one of the driving forces behind the event said, “The concert captured all that is good about the Minerva Learning Trust. Children and staff coming together to achieve excellence through great partnership working”.

The Minerva Learning Trust Choir (sponsored by the Burton Bradstock Festival of Music and Art) got the evening off to an excellent start singing “Shackles”.  The school choir of close to a hundred children aged from 6 to 18 is remarkable and their rendition of “Circle of Life” at the end of the concert raised the roof.

“The final song from the choir, “Circle of Life” was fantastic,” said Executive Principal, Kay Taylor.  “The sound just built and built.  It was truly inspirational”.

The choir is directed by Lauren Glover and the ability of the Trust to employ a professional to lead this has made a real difference to the experience and technical ability of our young musicians.

Each school then showcased their own school Choir and the individual talents of those chosen to represent their school.

For St Mary’s, Poppy Willday and Kamila Pikul, both aged 5 and our youngest performers, gave a wonderful recitation. Comedy duo Abigail Hawkins and Orla Wier had the audience laughing and Theo Mathewson on the drums had everyone tapping out the rhythm.

Jaydon Brook, with Mrs Staple as his glamourous assistant, showed off his skills as a musician while Nate Stantiford-Knight, Harry Marner and Taylor Gee presented a gymnastics display.

The winners of the Bridport Primary School Talent show were Laura Devine who played “Allegretto” by JB Vandal on the piano and then “Bow Chic a Wow Wow” by Ben Crossland.  Antonia  Harper who sang “Let it go” and Giblerto Lopez-Garcia who performed a contemporary dance inspired by “The Greatest Showman”.

Chloe Rainey from the Sir John Colfox Academy sang “Fire and Flood” while a group of year 7 and 8 girls – Natalia Cash, Hattie and Hermione Wheeler, Georgina Hawkins and Grace Swift – performed “Burned”.  The Colfox Folk Group performed Simon and Garfunkel numbers while Eve Appleton Scott and Sydney March sang “Tales of the Magpie”, a traditional folk song.

Luckily no one had to choose overall winners as there was so much wonderful talent on display!

“It’s so impressive to see the talented children of the Minerva Learning Trust coming together to create such a wonderful show,” said David Powell.  “The choir of over one hundred set a very high benchmark at the concert, a credit to their schools and choir leader, Lauren Glover.”