St Mary’s is a school where “everyone can shine”

St Mary’s CE Primary School in Bridport had their Ofsted Inspection on 1st November 2019 and the Inspector. Tonwen Empson, concluded that the school remained good and commented that in the school “ there is a strong and embedded ethos of ensuring that “everyone can shine”.

“I was really delighted with the report” said Headteacher, Kate Batorska.  “I feel it has captured what the school is about and what we aim to achieve.  We believe in both nurturing and challenging our children and we are really pleased that the Inspector recognised this”.

The Inspector particularly praised the leadership of the school.  They commented on the accurate evaluation of the school’s strengths and what the school needs to do to improve and said that the Headteacher, Mrs Batorska, had a clear and focused plan that would ensure the school continues to go from strength to strength.  They felt she was well supported by the Minerva Learning Trust and the Local Governing Body who know the school well and provide challenge to ensure that leaders have the highest expectations for pupils.

The rich curriculum at the school is allowing teachers to plan interesting lessons and as a result achievement is improving for all pupils.

The Inspector commented on “a strong sense of collaborative learning and the high level of professional discussion and reflection” amongst staff which is really benefiting the pupil’s learning. Staff morale is high and they appreciate the chance to work closely with others in the Minerva Learning Trust and beyond.

Safeguarding was described as effective and well organised with Governors playing their part in this. The improvement in attendance was also praised as it is now above the national average.

As this was a one day inspection of a school already judged to be good, the inspector did not look at all aspects of the school, for example she did not look at mathematics,  but she particularly picked out phonics teaching as being very effective as well as commenting on the good progress pupils make in reading throughout the school.

To improve further, the inspector suggested that teachers continue to develop assessment processes that support greater challenge and in developing writing across the school.

“This report reflects the good work St Mary’s School has been doing over several years, under the former leadership of Mrs Farmer and current leadership of Mrs Batorska, to support all our pupils in their learning”, said Chair of Governors, Martin Warne.  “It quite rightly recognises that the school is well led and that our values are to ensure all pupils in our community do well.  It draws on our excellent results over the last few years to conclude that we have maintained the good quality of education we pride ourselves on. Our staff work exceptionally hard and they, the pupils and the parents who support us, deserve this recognition.  I would like to thank all of them for all they do to make St Mary’s the happy and successful school it is”.